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The end for nightscape photography?

In this episode of the photography vlog I discuss why I've been relatively quiet for the last couple of months, and the implications of what's coming up for me ad my family this year.

Spoiler alert: I'm moving to South Africa. And we're having another baby.

Implications on my photography are huge... But don't just read about it here, watch the video!

Some of you might have noticed that I'd mentioned I was moving to New Delhi, India, in my 2018 roundup video. This was part of my 'day job'. Well, since then, we have found out we're expecting baby number 3, and he is due in September. We couldn't be more excited, but this does have health implications when it comes to living in India and my employer won't let us move there. Instead, I have been offered a job in Pretoria, South Africa.

I, and us as a family, are really really excited for the move, and it's going to be an amazing opportunity for us. Unfortunately, I have a feeling that the security risks that come hand in hand with living in this part of South Africa may have big implications on my astrolandscape photography.

I explain in a little more detail in the vlog, but I do feel like my photography will be more limited. However, I won't know 100% until I am there.

The content will still come, I just don't know in what format yet! Stick around and see.

If you're not yet subscribed to my YouTube channel, please consider doing so - it all helps to get me that tiny bit more exposure (is that a photography pun??) and means I can keep creating more content for you.

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