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Astrophotography / night time landscape photography - Guisborough, North York Moors

In this photography vlog astrophotography (or just landscape photography at night...) was my aim as I travelled back to my home town of Guisborough on the edge of the North York Moors. I met up with a couple of old friends from school and we camped out in Guisborough woods.

This is probably my favourite vlog so far - really had a great night and am actually super happy with the images I captured. I even caught what I believe was an early Perseid meteor in the final image! Be warned: there's some rather coarse language throughout so if you'e of a nervous disposition, put on some earmuffs.

Here are some of the images I captured that night:

Guisborough woods looking towards Cleveland and the North Sea

Guisborough woods campsite

Guisborough woods astrophotography North York Moors

Guisborough woods astrophotography North York Moors Perseid

Here's the video:

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