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Landscape photography at night and astrophotography in rural Florida

I took advantage of 2 weeks in Florida to tackle some night time photography and make a vlog. The skies above rural Florida were so much better for seeing the stars than I imagined they would be and I was privileged to be able to shoot the Milky Way whilst there. Check out the video below to see how I got on:

I took some of my favourite shots from 2017 on this trip! It seemed every location I found had more and more potential for great night time photographs and astrophotography.

This shot of my awesome little Jeep Patriot is one of my all time favourites:

Astrophotography tutorial milky way jeep

I got extremely lucky and managed to get some awesome compositions with the Milky Way overhead. Another favourite of mine is this one over that stalwart of Floridian iconism; the orange grove:

Astrophotography tutorial milky way orange grove florida

The whole area just lent itself to night photography and despite being relatively close to an urban area, and the associated light pollution, I was really pleased with what I managed to shoot.

astrophotography starry night sweet hill road polk county

milky way polk country florida

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