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Bored of photography | Is photography oversaturated?

No actual photography in this vlog, just some stream-of-conscious thoughts on photography.

I think everybody would agree that photography is a crowded place, with every man and his dog owning a phone with a half-decent camera, and DSLRs being very affordable.

I've been bored and generally a bit disheartened with everything popping up on my social media feeds and YouTube recently. Vlogs too; that's an area that's grown drastically in the last 6 to 9 months. So much so that I've all but given up watching new vloggers. Aside from the fact I feel a bit overwhelmed with the sheer amount of new vlog content out there, everything feels like it's starting to look the same. That's not to say there's not awesome content or that anyone is making bad content - quite the opposite.

I'm a beer drinker; I love a good beer. But after a few drinks one constant to feel a bit ill and need to go to bed. There's only so much of a good thing you can digest...

I think I've got a photography hangover.

There's so much amazing content out there... I'm just a bit bored with looking at it all at the moment...

I need to find the equivalent of a photography bacon sandwich to make me feel better.

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