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Unboxing and real world review: 3 Legged Thing's Travis tripod. And bonus urban nightscape photo

My latest vlog is part review of the fantastic SOLID 3 Legged Thing, Punks, Travis travel tripod; part usual urban nightscape / landscape photography over Sheffield.

I'd been intrigued by 3LT's tripods for a while, with their unconventional colour schemes and "rock and roll" air. I wasn't at all surprised, when I finally got my hands on one at this year's Photography Show, to find them truly exceptional in all aspects and so ordered myself the larger of their "travel", or Punks, models.

The vlog will tell you all you need to know about my opinions on this great piece of camera gear, but I'll sum it up by saying that you get a lot of tripod for your money with 3 Legged Thing. It's tactile and intuitive, feels super sturdy and strong, and managed to get the balance between weight and comfort just right.

Watch the video for an in-depth review:

You can pick one up from Amazon via my affiliate link here:

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