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Danielle and Paul's Sheffield wedding

I had the pleasure of being wedding photographer for Danielle and Paul recently at their wedding in Sheffield and reception at the Holiday Inn in Rotherham.

The day started off with bridal preparations at the Holiday Inn.

The day was overcast but humid, and everyone was feeling the heat! I spent some time photographing the bride and bridesmaids getting ready...

...before dashing to Sheffield and Gleadless Christ Church for the bride's arrival.

Most of the guests had already arrived and the bride was uncustomarily early for the ceremony so there was time to take a few shots outside.

After that I headed into the church and took up my position.

The groom's nerves were showing as the bride entered...

After the ceremony we gathered everyone together in the church yard for some portraits...

...and then it was back to the Hilton for the reception.

It can be daunting being the outsider at events like this but I was made to feel welcome by everyone involved and really enjoyed the day.

It was a privelidge to be a part of Danielle and Paul's traditional wedding ceremony and meet their family and friendsand I wish them all the best for the future!

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