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Photographing wind turbines at night and a fine art photography rant

My latest vlog over on YouTube is a bumper-length episode, since I'd filmed for two consecutive days.

I tried some night time landscape photography at Penny Hill wind turbine farm on the outskirts of Sheffield. I learned a few lessons - one being that shooting moving turbine blades at night is not easy! The following day, amongst other things, I let loose with a bit of a rant on a subject I hear a lot about: "fine art" photography.

Watch the video for more on that and leave a comment to let me know what you think about "fine art". What is it? Is it better or more accomplished that "regular art"?

#nightscape #nightphotography #sheffieldlandscape #landscapephotography #landscape #wind #turbine #pennyhill #rant #fineart #opinion

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