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Saal Digital photobook review

The people over at SAAL - - were kind enough to send me one of their beautiful hard-backed photobooks to share my thoughts on.

Saal photobook wedding album review

So starting at the beginning of the process with downloading their software; no surprises. Straight forward enough and reasonably easy to upload files and design the layout etc. No better or worse than other sites I've used in the past. But the album arrived in record time; three or four days from finalising the design to the package coming through my door - and this is coming from Germany to the UK! Really impressed with that.

Saal photobook wedding album review

The first thing I noticed was the weight - this book was a 28x28cm hard back with 26 pages, so not the largest they do by far, but that weight gave me an assurance straight away that it would be good quality.

Upon removing the packaging I was struck again by the weight of the book and also the build quality - not a term I thought I'd ever use to describe a book, but that's what it is. I could tell it had been bound really well.

In the hands it just feels like a really great quality book that will last a long time.

Saal photobook wedding album review

Inside, the printing is spot on; nice clear images, good colours, with crisp edges everywhere. I kept this one text-free but you can add text anywhere you like.

Saal photobook wedding album review

On the whole, this is a fantastic quality photobook that would make an amazing wedding album or coffee-table-type book of other images.

Technical bit:

Images shot on my iPhone 6, unedited.

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