Nikon D500 for astro landscape photography

So I finally got my hands on a Nikon D500 after wanting one since they were announced. I had a chance to play with one at the Photography Show back in 2017, but once I was in the position to be able to order one, they were all sold out or Grey Market - and I wasn't going there again, let me tell you!

I managed to get a good deal on Amazon, just before they sold out again! The link will take you to Amazon, but be careful where you're buying from and take note of the seller: I bought directly from Amazon and got a proper UK D500; other sellers - particularly if the price is low - are offering grey imports but not labelling them as such. Just be aware.

At the time of writing this, there is one available on Amazon - not sold BY Amazon, however - for under £900. Very, very, VERY cheap! I would be extremely suspicious of this seller...

As they say: if it seems too good to be true, it probably is!


I've taken the D500 on a couple of shoots so far, and whilst I haven't pushed it to it's limits yet, I am pleased with the results.

Not my best images, but here are a couple of quick edits from my first outing with the D500:

These were taken at various ISOs and shutter speeds. It was very windy that night so not the best conditions but a good test. Now I've really got to grips with the D500 a bit more I'm starting to see even better results. Some of it's features - such as Wi-fi connectivity for remote shooting through your phone - are going to come in handy; I might put together a quick video at some point.

But for now, it looks as though the Nikon D500 is going to work as great for astro landscape photography!

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