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One year on YouTube - 5 things I've learned

I've been recording videos for my photography vlog for a year now and have learned a lot along the way!

Here are my top five things that I've learned vlogging for the last 12 months.

YouTube is hard work! I've certainly learned that!

1. Firstly there's a lot more to making a video than just taking a GoPro along on a shoot - which is how I imagined it would be in the beginning. You need to consider the sound, the b-roll and context of what you're filming, and then there's the act of actually trying to explain what you're doing to the camera while you're doing it! That is a skill in itself: being able to take a photo is one thing,but being able to talk about how you're taking it is very difficult!

2. The Fear of Talking to the Camera. This one is self explanatory... some people find it easy, some don't. I fall into the latter category! Getting over that fear is a hard thing to try and force yourself to do if you don't feel comfortable with it.

3. Time! The whole thing, from going out and recording video, to editing, to uploading, takes a lot of time and you've really got to be committed to doing it and ensure you set that time aside.

4. YouTube strategies and skills. This comes with the territory if you want your video to be found on YouTube and for people to want to click on it. There's a lot to learn including crafting thumbnails, using keywords and generally enticing people to your specific content.

5. Patience! YouTube growth takes a long time and you really need to be in it for the long haul. It's taken a whole year for my channel to get 140 subscribers, which in the grand scheme of things is minuscule. Organic growth happens, but it has to run it's course and sometimes this tales a while!

I've really enjoyed making content for the last 12 months and I'm looking forward to creating some more videos in 2018 - I've got some great ideas so stick around, and thanks for watching so far. And a special thank you to anyone who has subscribed to my YouTube channel.

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