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Astrophotography seascapes & wildlife photography at night...

I travelled to Saltburn-by-the-Sea on the North Yorkshire coast for some astrophotography and seascape photography in this episode of the vlog. The beach and particularly Saltburn pier are great locations for photographing the stars and I was really pleased with what I came away with.

Check out the vlog here:

One of my favourite images from the shoot, and actually one of my favourite photographs from 2017 is this one looking down the pier:

Astrophotography UK Saltburn Pier

But also looking back down the pier towards Saltburn, I managed to get a fairly decent shot too:

Saltburn Pier UK astrophotography

Saltburn Pier astrophotography UK

Saltburn Pier astrophotography UK

I captured a bit more of an abstract image which I quite liked too...

Nightscape photography Saltburn UK

And as I was almost ready to leave, I was lucky enough to spot a seal on the beach. It was nigh-on impossible to get a good shot of it but I managed something salvageable before it vanished back into the waves...

UK wildlife photography Saltburn seal

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