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Not a wedding photography vlog...

To cut a long story short, half way through making this episode I had a slight identity crisis and decided that as far as my vlogging / YouTube channel goes, I'm only going to focus on the landscape/nightscape/urban photography that I do. And also see if I can work out what it is that I actually do...

There is some urban nightscape photography in this vlog eventually! I'd filmed a few different things whilst shooting events and weddings, meeting wedding clients etc, and was editing my vlog when I realised that wasn't the direction I wanted to take the vlog in. Furthermore, I decided that I couldn't really show a true picture of a lot of events (weddings in particular) without filming at least a little of specific aspects such as the wedding ceremony, and that this really wasn't fair on clients of mine who deserve my full attention. So the vlogging aspect is purely on my time, not theirs. Also, I think maintaining the consistency of the vlog is important, and people who are interested in nightscape photography or landscape photography may not be interested in the other side of what I do; the wedding photography, portrait photography side of things.

That being said, I often have a hard time giving a "title" to what it is that I actually do!

Watch the vlog here:

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