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New vlog on Youtube - urban landscape photography at night

This episode I spend a couple of nights photographing some urban landscapes and nightscapes in Sheffield, with varying results. Me and my mate James fail at some urban exploration, but I do manage to get some good shots.

Check out the video below, and if you're interested in seeing more then subscribe and you'll be updated when I upload new videos!

We started off at the canal basin in Sheffield, shooting The Straddle:

Sheffield landscape nightscape photography Straddle

After failing to get up high at St. Vincent's church I took my camera out again the next night to shoot The Diamond - a University of Sheffield building. We'd had a little bit of success here a few years ago, which you can read about here, but I thought it best not to mention that to security when they stopped me to ask what I was doing...

I was happy with the shots I got though given the difficult shooting conditions - bright spot lights and street lights pointing at the lens from every angle!

Sheffield landscape nightscape photography diamond university

Sheffield landscape nightscape photography diamond university

Thanks for looking!

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