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Top 5 Sheffield wedding venues

Recently, a few people have asked me what I consider to be the best places to get married in Sheffield. So this is a list of my top five wedding venues in Sheffield.

1. Sheffield Town Hall

Sheffield wedding photography

The Town Hall is a classic wedding venue. Despite feeling a little like a wedding conveyor belt at the height of wedding season, it's great to have the tradition that goes along with it. And with some rather grand aricitecture inside, there are some stunning photo opportunities to be had. Great for formal and also more casual weddings with the city centre bars and gardens just a short walk away.

2. Mosborough Hall Hotel (Best Western)

Top 5 Sheffield wedding venues

This grand old hall is on the outskirts of Sheffield, only minutes away from the beautiful countryside of Derbyshire.

3. Sheffield Manor Lodge

Top 5 Sheffield wedding venues

The Manor Lodge is a scheduled ancient monument, steeped in history and reportedly holding Mary, Queen of Scots for a short while! The site has benefitted from a recent restoration and sits in beautiful grounds in a really convenient location.

4. The Milleniuum Gallery

Top 5 Sheffield wedding venues

Didn't know you could get married here? Well you can! Offering a real contemporary setting in Sheffield city centre, the Millenium Gallery boasts character and convenience for travel. And it's not just the room itself, but also catering and other aspects to your wedding day they will take care of. A really interesting choice if you're looking for a different venue to the norm.

5. Sheffield City Hall

Top 5 Sheffield wedding venues

City Hall offers a great convenient location again with the grandeur of an art deco theatre!

So there we have my top places to get married in Sheffield. Look out for my top places to get married in Yorkshire soon!

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