Rooftopping Velocity Tower, Sheffield

Visited with jazzywheelz.

Velocity Tower - not to be confused with Velocity Village further around the ring road, is a 22 story high-rise block. If you're interested you can read the Wikipedia page on it which sort of explains why it looks half finished even though it's occupied. It should have been at least 30 stories tall but construction was halted leaving one half-finished level to serve as the roof. The top floor is unoccupied - some of the lads got into it for a nose around over 2 years ago - which is probably for the best as anyone living there would not be happy with how much water is getting. The "roof" was never meant to serve as such and the whole top part of the building has been cobbled together in a makeshift fashion meaning it's not watertight. Infact, given that the place has only been open to tenants for 8 years, it's in a pretty bad state and it's clear that the management company aren't doing a particularly good job of looking after it.

Anyhoo... Usual story; "eyes on it for years" blah blah blah. Couple of shots turned up more recently on Instagram which led to a friendly tip-off from a non-member. So, again, not much work really had to go into this one.

I actually didn't expect the view to be as good from here because of the location, a little away from the city centre, but it was awesome and one of the best we've had for shooting in my opinion.

Damn I love these new LED street lights!

And that's all until next time.

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