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Louise & Chris's engagement shoot

Louise & Chris are getting married at the rather grand Rossington Hall near Doncaster this November and I've met them up there an a couple of occasions to talk about their plans for the wedding day and to do a little engagement photography for them.

Yorkshire engagement photography

The weather was beautiful with the sun shining through the trees in the magnificent garden at Rossington. I'm sure we're not guaranteed weather like this come late November but I do have some plans for shooting in the garden that will utilise it and the early nights of that time of year, if not the rain that may accompany!

Yorkshire engagement photography at Rossington Hall

Yorkshire engagement photography at Rossington Hall

Yorkshire engagement photography at Rossington Hall

I love shoots like this where there is less pressure than the wedding day itself and where I can take my time to think of how we can best use the surroundings. I like to be as prepared as possible on the day and if I already in my mind a few different places we can shoot then that's all the better.

Yorkshire engagement photography at Rossington Hall

We had a relaxed wander around the garden while I shot a few frames here and there. Chris in particular isn't comfortable having his photo taken - as an enormous amount of people aren't - so taking the time to meet the couple and get them a little more used to it is very beneficial for the wedding day.

I'll see Louise and Chris back at Rossington Hall late November for their wedding where, hopefully, the rain will hold off; but even if it doesn't the building and grounds are so great to shoot that we're sure to be able to get some awesome shots regardless.

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