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Fake Britain appearance

As you might have seen previously on my blog, I had an unfortunate experience with a "fake" Nikon DSLR a while ago. I wrote a piece that was published on the photography news website Petapixel which subsequently led to the BBC's Fake Britain getting in touch with me for an interview.

The episode (Fake Britain series 7, episode 5) can be seen here. My appearance is at around the 30 minute mark. Despite how much it made me cringe seeing (and hearing - which was the worst part!) myself on TV, it didn't go too bad. They did exaggerate the "disastrous" consequences and circumstances of the autofocus problem with the camera, and call me Chris at one point, but I'm pretty pleased with how I came across.

fake nikon dslr camera

fake nikon dslr camera

I received an abundance of enquiries from photographers asking about the fake Nikon at the time of the Petapixel article being published but it died down for a while after that. Recently, for whatever reason, more people have been asking for information on it. So, coupled with my Fake Britain appearance, I've been spurred on to investigate the whole grey import / fake DSLR issue further and hope to be able to present an in-depth blog post in the future about it.

In the mean time, have a look at the show and let me know what you think. It'll be available for 30 days on the iPlayer (UK only I believe) but I'm sure it will appear on YouTube at some point as most Fake Britain episodes seem to be on there.

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