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Website overhaul and update

It's been a long time since I updated the website - I've been tinkering with a few things in the background for a while - but with work increasing recently and my imminent TV appearance coming up I thought it high time I pushed to get it completed.

I think the whole thing now looks a lot slicker and contemporary.

There are still a few issues with the speed of how things load (ironically, the blog section being the slowest) but I'm working on that. From what little research I've done though, it seems apparent that this could just be an issue with Wix (my web platform). I have been long considering a move over to Squarespace due to Wix's limitations and less-than-simple design tools, coupled with the problems I've had recently with simple things like adding a Pintrest button to my images (which still doesn't work!). The headache that would come from a move has put me off so far but it's likely I will move at some point in the future.

But for now, I'm relatively pleased with it as well as my new logo which came courtesy of Mint Tea.

Feel free to leave a comment about the new site or get in touch in the usual way.

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