Sheffield Supertram adventure!

I'd been wanting to spend a day riding the tram system in Sheffield - the Supertram - for a good while, just because. And with it being the school holidays at the moment, I suggested it to my kids and they loved the idea. So, I turned it into a portrait session of sorts.

We caught the tram at White Lane - the closest stop to home and rode to Manor Top to pick up a parcel before we properly started our tram adventure.

We travelled into town and did some people-watching on the way.

Once we jumped off in town we had a walk up Fargate to see some of the Herd of Sheffield. The weather was against us with rain coming down on and off so we decided to have a look around Sheffield Cathedral. The staff there gave the kids a treasure hunt to do which they happily spent an hour completing.

Sheffield Cathedral is such a beautiful building inside and it was a lot of fun following the girls round and taking photographs while they did their treasure hunt.

They enjoyed listening to the stories through the telephones and hearing the Cathedral bells.

I could have spent a lot longer just following them round and shooting, it's such a great space and looks different from every angle.

I wanted to get moving and head somewhere else on the tram so we jumped back on to ride to Hillsborough and Malin Bridge.

Alys take Teddy everywhere she goes!

After Malin Bridge we ate our sandwiches and then headed back through town and on to Meadowhall.

After a quick bit of shopping at Meadowhall the girls were getting restless so we started the long journey back into town.

Boredom had definitely set in and my question of "Where next?" was met with a resounding "Home!"

...and to be fair to them, it had been a long tiring day on the tram.

I love being able to see across the city as the tram goes through Norfolk Park, and Alys stared out the window the whole time.

And with that we were back at White Lane tram stop and headed home to put our feet up!

Technical bit:

All shot on the Nikon D7100 and 50mm 1.8D apart from the wide shots which were the Tokina 11-16mm Tokina (AT-X 116 PRO DX 11-16mm F2.8).

#portrait #sheffield #tram #supertram #adventure #family

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